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    This is sometimes called normal, crisphead or standard lettuce. The heads are firm and tightly packed with a central core or heart. The leaves are crunchy and have a mild flavour. The outer leaves...
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    This is a winter lettuce also known as romaine. It has an elongated head with coarse leaves that are crunchy and sharp in flavour. This lettuce is a key ingredient of Caesar salad.
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    This Lettuce is similar to Romaine Lettuce but with short leaves. It has an elongated head with coarse leaves that are crunchy and sharp in flavour.
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    These are loose leaf sweet-tasting lettuces and have no heart. They have a soft green-red or red leaf which can be picked separately as these lettuces are sold with intact roots.
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    This is the most popular cucumber and is grown under glass. It is long, usually 30–45 cm, and often individually wrapped in plastic because its skin is very soft and is easily damaged. The plastic...
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    Tomatoes are native to South America and were originally grown for their decorative purposes.The tomato is actually a fruit but is considered a vegetable because of its uses. They were...
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    These have a sweet intense flavour and are very popular with children. Several different varieties are on the market. Coloured red or yellow, the shape varies from round to oval to pear shaped.
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    Young spinach leaves are often used in salad mixes and sold with other salad greens. Baby spinach has round to oblong leaves with a mild flavour. Spinach is particularly nutrient dense with a wide...
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    Rocket (roquette, arugula).Rocket has dark green, deeply lobed leaves and has a spicy piquant flavour. It is ideal to mix with other lettuce leaves